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BroadApp™ Telco+

Achieve Market Leadership Through Innovation

ATES Networks offers telecommunication providers an unequaled advantage: being the first to market. With BroadApp™ Telco+ products, innovative services can be created and delivered faster and at better costs, while providing a great, new user experience.

Telco+ product line

BroadApp SCP Gateway

BroadApp SCP is a next generation Service Control Point gateway, providing wide connectivity: SS7, SIGTRAN, INAP, CAMEL, Radius, Diameter. BroadApp™ SCP Gateway enables telecom operators to manage the evolution of heterogeneous IN environments, improve call and SMS routing strategies, address convergent billing and create innovative services while preserving their existing investments. BroadApp™ SCP gateway provides as well the perfect network foundation for greenfield operations (new GSM/CDMA licenses) as well as MVNx to start providing services to mobile and broadband users in a very short lapse of time.

Contact us for more information about BroadApp™ SCP Gateway.

BroadApp SMS/MMS Gateway

BroadApp SMS/MMS gateway provides MO and MT capabilities, PUSH notifications as well as HLR integration for fixed-mobile convergent services.

Based on Direct SMS capabilities, Premium SMS (MT) as well as SMS routing features, BroadApp™ SMS/MMS Gateway provides advanced network core integration as well as Marketing Campaign Management (Mobile Advertising), based on BroadApp PUSH Center™ product.

Multimedia real-time PUSH messages are used by telecom operators and service providers to notify in real-time their users. Complementary to the traditional SMS notifications, multimedia notifications provide major advantages such as:

  • Fantastic user experience
  • Support for Rich Media messages(text, images, sound, video, interactivity)
  • Excellent for operator and third party advertising
  • Wide connected devices compatibility (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, STB, Connected TV, PC / MAC...)

Examples of PUSH notifications include:

  • VAS notifications- voicemail...
  • Alerts-credit/balance alerts
  • Customer Service messages
  • Advertising

Contact us for more information about BroadApp SMS/MMS Gateway.

BroadApp IMS

Thanks to ATES Networks BroadApp IMS, the migration path to NGN/IMS architectures is simplified and associated costs are dramatically reduced. The product provides a wide portfolio of real time policies and advanced support for AAA Radius and Diameter services, WiFi offload and Camel/ Diameter integration.

Contact us for more information about BroadApp IMS.

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