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ServicesWall™ - Intelligent On-Device Portal for Service Providers

Part of Media+ product Suite, BroadApp SelfCare services are designed to revolutionize a key part of users digital life: checking their available credit, visualizing their bill, changing their subscriptions and rate plans, accessing their voicemail, configuring their value added services.

BroadApp SelfCare services provide an entirely new user experience based on Intelligent On-Device Portals.


Services at your fingertips

ServicesWall™ is a technology patented by ATES Networks, which allows users to have immediate access to all their services, no matter they are connecting from an intelligent Set-top box (STB), Connected TV, smartphone PC/MAC or other connected device.

Examples of services provided by ServicesWall™:

  • Call Center connect
  • Credit Check
  • My last Bill
  • My last Call
  • Visual VoiceMail
  • Top Numbers
  • RingBackTone service
  • Subscriptions and Rate Plans
  • VAS Alerts

Any other services provided by mobile operators can be made available through the ServicesWall™, thanks to a smooth integration with service provider's BSS.

Call Center connect - an efficient way to offload your Call Center

By empowering users to efficiently access and manage key information such as subscriptions, credit, optional services, BroadApp SelfCare enables service providers to efficiently manage their Call Centers by transferring recurring queries to a more efficient selfcare channel.

Moreover, with the Call Center connect feature, users can easily interact with the Call Center in online or offline mode for a variety of topics (status of activation of a new service, internet subscription, changing subscription,...). These topics can be treated off-peak by Call Centers and thus ensure a better usage of your resources and agents' available time.

Zero network integration effort

BroadApp SelfCare services use essentially the Data and SMS bearers and require no or little network integration effort.

Broad Audience

ATES Networks enables service providers to target a broad segment of their customer base with BroadApp SelfCare services and ServicesWall™. The solution can be localized and used with majority feature phones, smartphones, tablets, intelligent STB and Connected TV.

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