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BroadApp™ PUSH Center™

Cross-channel Multimedia Notifications For Connected Devices

With the increased adoption of modern smartphones (iPhone™, iPad™, Android™-powered phones and tablets, BlackBerry™, Windows™ Phone, ...), intelligent STB, Smart TV and connected devices, service providers can benefit today from new revenue streams. Innovative services, leveraging these new channels, help increase customer satisfaction and retention as well as open new revenue streams (mobile advertising, ...).

Your smartphone deserves more than plain text SMS and USSD notifications!

With BroadApp PUSH Center™ service providers can easily target, design and deliver tailored multimedia push messages to their users. Rich media messages (html pages, embedded audio and video streams, interactive content) can be delivered to all users or only to a selected market segment. The product enables mobile operators to create complex marketing campaigns and use advanced configuration and target selection criteria such as user preferences, device capabilities, location, subscriptions, notification type (splash screen, audio notification, device vibration, SMS push for non-connected devices, ...).

Offload your SMSC and USSD servers

ATES Networks' PUSH Center™ product has been designed to be the perfect add-on to your existing SMSC and USSD servers.

It delivers real-time multimedia PUSH notifications to a broad range of connected devices, including the majority of smartphones available in the market as well as a significant range of Java-powered devices.

Easily create Mobile Advertising campaigns with Campaign Manager

The PUSH Center™ Campaign Manager creates substantial value for service providers, by providing an advanced environment for creating modern marketing and advertising campaigns.

Campaign Manager provides a wide range of channel management, business intelligence (BI), simulation, financial reporting, location maps (LocationDrops), device management, device recognition, CRM, Anti-SPAM functionalities enabling operators and marketing agencies to easily create complex marketing and advertising campaigns for a targeted segment of their users.

With Campaign Manager, service providers can easily create mobile marketing campaigns for promotion and cross-sell of new features, services and subsidized mobile devices, while Content and service providers, Advertising Agencies, can use this channel for better promoting their products and services based on multimedia mobile campaigns.

Third Party VAS Notifications

The majority of VAS platforms (voicemail, videomail, ringback tone, premium content, IN, BSS, ...) send service notifications (SMS) to mobile users.

By seamlessly integrating with third party VAS platforms, BroadApp PUSH Center™ takes service notifications to a new dimension, thanks to multimedia push messages, and opens up a new channel of real-time user notifications.

Examples of multimedia VAS notifications:

  • Credit alerts
  • Top up notifications
  • Loyalty notifications
  • Voice and video-mail alerts
  • New service activation, ...

Business Intelligence (BI)

Simulation tools

  • campaign simulation
  • campaign scenarios
  • campaign patterns
  • segmentation, targeting ...

Analysis tools

  • reports
  • statistics
  • ROI analysis, ...

Social networks integration

PUSH Center™ enables users to be notified in real time for new posts and messages received on their Facebook™ and Twitter™ accounts.
Moreover, users can post specific Facebook™ or Twitter™ messages directly from the ServicesWall™ selfcare interface:

  • "I like this ringback tone"
  • "I've just activated the Music service"
  • "I've just bought the latest iPhone, it's awesome"
  • "What are my friends' preferred apps?"

Instant Messaging integration

Thank to ATES Neworks PUSH Center™ product, users can be instantly notified and can answer in real time to Instant Messages received in their favorite IM account.

Advance features

Apple iOS push (iPhone and iPad devices) Support for Apple iOS notifications
Android push (Android smartphones and tablets) Support for Android notifications
Notifications for BlackBerry devices SMS push for BlackBerry devices
Notifications for Java-powered devices SMS push for Java devices (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, ...)
SMS FDA Send Push notifications based on SMS (First Delivery Attempt) messages
Device recognition Real time device recognition capabilities, enabling push notifications and content to be instantly adapted for each mobile device.

PUSH Center™ integrates as well with third party device management platforms.
Device management PUSH Center™ allows multiple devices to be linked to an user account as well as creation of devices "pool" of to be shared between family members or within an enterprise organization
User opt-in / opt-out Through the ServicesWall™ mobile selfcare interface, mobile users can specifically subscribe to various types of notifications:

operator notifications (e.g.: new offers and services)
service notifications (e.g.: new video mail message)
third party notifications (e.g.: advertising)
Strong device and user authentication and antifraud Content access and payment are enabled by PUSH Center™ based on user and device strong identification and antifraud mechanisms (MSISDN, IMSI, IEMI, unique device IDs...)
Geolocation Device, network and IP-based real-time geolocation. Location can be used as well as selection criteria in the definition of mobile Advertising campaigns, using the Campaign Manager.
PUSH API WS API enabling third party platforms to send push notifications


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